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 mmr-70 radio transmitter assisstance

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PostSubject: mmr-70 radio transmitter assisstance   Sat Sep 19, 2009 12:17 pm


i have a sony ericsson accessory known as the mmr-70 fm transmitter. i have a question for those who also have the accessory. does the transmitter disconnect itself? not physically.

when you connect it, it asks what frequency you want. when i say disconnect, i mean does it ask you again every so often even though you haven't pulled it out?

i have tested it on 2 phones. maybe even 3. the advertised w910i and the supposed successor "w595" and i have this issue. although it happens more on low battery. my guess is it's the phones lack of memory (ram not memory card).
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mmr-70 radio transmitter assisstance
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