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 Posting Rules & Guidelines. Read First!!!

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Posting Rules & Guidelines. Read First!!! Empty
PostSubject: Posting Rules & Guidelines. Read First!!!   Posting Rules & Guidelines. Read First!!! I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 19, 2009 12:12 pm



This is a quick note to let you know a few things that are prohibited in this Forum. The list is directly below, and the full explanations about why are a bit lower. Please, read these and follow them; it will make things a lot better for everybody.

Remember, these are in addition to or clarifications of the regular set of rules for the entire site, so you still need to follow those.

1. NO "unlocking" posts in the Main Forum. Please post unlocking topics in the SE Unlocking Subforum.

2. NO posting about any sort of for-profit site that you are affiliated with, any sort of group buys, matrix or pyramid "get a phone for $35" sites, or eBay auctions.

3. NO posting of "overly sexy pictures." If there is any doubt in your mind as to whether or not a picture is okay, then it is not okay. Don't post it. Prohibited pictures include (but are not limited to):
Girls with no shirt/bra/top on (it doesn't matter if they're covering their nipples)
Girls wearing see-thru or "sheer" tops/bottoms
Full rear view of a thong bottom

4.NO flaming or trolling!! Those who come in here just to do so with be dealt with accordingly.

5. Post in the proper Forum/Subforum. Modding topics in the Modding forum, frequently asked questions like drivers, etc, should go in the FAQ's, new information should remain in the Main Forum. Any questions about Wallpapers and/or Theme's should go in the Wallpaper & Themes Subforum.

6. Before you post a question make sure you use the search feature to see if your question hasn't already been asked or answered. Not doing so, and posting mulitple threads on the same topic just clutters up the Forum for the rest of us.


Explanation for #2:

In accordance with Howard's policy:

Please do not post links to your eBay auctions.

Additionally, if you operate, are employed by or support a for-profit website you cannot place links to it in your posts or your signatures. There's no free advertising here. This includes having someone post the links for you and using that route to gain profit for services. This also includes "helping people" by advertising a site or service that you profit from. There are avenues in which you can conduct such activity and that is by becoming a HowardForums Advertiser. Contact Howard for info and pricing if this interests you.

Group buys are also explicitly prohibited in The Rules. We do not wish to inconvenience anyone, but the forums cannot afford to appear to sanction such group buys, given the risk of fraud inherent in such activities. If you would like to participate in a group buy, we encourage you to do so through email and PM (not by posting publicly viewable threads).

Similarly, links to "pyramid schemes" and matrix buys are not welcome. That means don't link to any of those "New cell phone for $25" sort of sites that put you on a list and supposedly ship you a phone once they get enough signups. While they may be technically legal (since they say the're selling a CD or an ebook or whatever), they're still basically scams and increasing traffic to their sites isn't helping anybody (except maybe the scammers themselves and MAYBE the first person on the list, bit it's doubtful that even they will get a phone).

Offending posts will be removed and the poster issued a warning. Users becoming troublesome in this manner will face disciplinary action which may result in being removed from the site on a temporary or permanent basis.

Please respect the fact that running this site costs Howard quite a bit of money and it's only fair that you shouldn't be allowed to profit from something that he offers you for free.

Explanation for #3:

This is a phone forum, not a "sexy girls" forum. It is true that lot of the forum members like looking at sexy pictures of girls, but this is not the place to distribute those pictures. If you really want that, you can get it elsewhere.

Please keep the phone wallpaper and "phone photo gallery" pictures decent and on-topic.

Thank you and enjoy!!!
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Posting Rules & Guidelines. Read First!!!
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