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 Sony Ericsson w580i modding/general questions

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Sony Ericsson w580i modding/general questions Empty
PostSubject: Sony Ericsson w580i modding/general questions   Sony Ericsson w580i modding/general questions I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 19, 2009 11:21 am

Hey everyone. I have read a few stickied topics and did a few searches but can't really find what I am looking i have a few questions.

I got the w580i 2 days ago, and I really like it so far, but there are a few things I wanna change/know. So hopefully someone has some answers

MOST important, is there any mod to add enchance security features? Like adding a password to keylock? So to unlock your phone from keylock you need to use a pin? Or making it so if the phone is idle for 10 or 20 seconds, it locks and u need a pin to be able to push any buttons or use it at all?

I have been thinking of debranding/unlocking my phone. First, what is the differance between the two? Can I do both? I am with rogers atm, what features will I lose/gain?

Also, in the debranding thread, are the files in the first post current? I read in a few threads there are updated ones...if so where can I find them?

How do I find my phones CID and DB numbers?

I read there are better camera/audio drivers for the 580i? one was called brazuka or something..could someone shed some light on this? And possibly provide me some download links? I believe using FAR manager I should be able to install them myself.

For themes for my phone, what resolution ones do I need for my phone?

Lastly, is there only certain games I can load on my phone or can i use any?

Thanks a TON in advance for any help..I am a total noob when it comes to flashing anything lol

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Sony Ericsson w580i modding/general questions
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