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 C905a Debrand - Podcast Youtube Troubles

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C905a Debrand - Podcast Youtube Troubles Empty
PostSubject: C905a Debrand - Podcast Youtube Troubles   C905a Debrand - Podcast Youtube Troubles I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 19, 2009 11:19 am

I'm finding right after debranding that selecting an RSS feed with a podcast, will d/l and play the podcast as it should.

However, once I apply the customize_upgrade.xml file to get youtube player working (fireall traversal setting), that podcasts won't d/l and play anymore.

This has happened with generic firmware from Davinci for MENA, LAM, UK and AR (America).

Now here is why I suspect the YouTube fix .... After applying the firewall traversal xml file, YouTube only worked over the air. Wifi connection just played black video. So ... I configured the IP address of my phone to be in my routers DMZ (tip found on another thread). BAMM! YouTube worked via Wifi and Podcasts will d/l via Wifi (still won't d/l via OTA however).

Can anyone else confirm this behavior? Easy url for podcasts is: go to it via the phone's built in web browser. Confirm that it downloads and actually plays.

Bob h
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C905a Debrand - Podcast Youtube Troubles
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