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 Upgrade from 6126 - I need ideas!

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Upgrade from 6126 - I need ideas! Empty
PostSubject: Upgrade from 6126 - I need ideas!   Upgrade from 6126 - I need ideas! I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 19, 2009 10:43 am

I love my 6126...
* push button mechanism (still works, and works well)
* FAST user interface UI
* Easy navigation (lots of shortcut options which is due to...)
* Series 40 or S40 - only gripe is, I wish it could minimize java apps
* Big buttons for texting / dialing
* Good reception
* Decent size

But, I also hate it:
* Camera doesn't work anymore
* it's not as fast as some other phones out there
* EDGE is slow
* Battery life leaves much to be desired
* I can't seem to setup email on it via IMAP

I'm in need of an upgrade.

The most important things to me are:
* Fast UI - I tried the TM506 from T-Mobile - had everything including 3G, tethering, bright screen, able to minimize java apps, not TOO complicated ... but the UI was SO FLIPPIN' SLOW! Killed me. Sold it.
* Faster data speeds - I don't need 3G (it IS nice) but Class 32 EDGE is fine
* 2.2" screen or larger - tried a few Nokia'sUpgrade from 6126 - I need ideas! Mag-glass_10x10 with 2" screens and it was too small after looking at the one on the 6126
* Easy UI - I don't want S60. Too many programs and too archaic a system (this is simply my opinion after trying out the 6120 classic and the E51)
* Easy dialing / texting - I might be swayed to the full keypad, but I do like t9 for now, as long as it's on a decently sized keypad. Some Sony EricssonUpgrade from 6126 - I need ideas! Mag-glass_10x10 keypads have little slivers for buttons --- what are they thinking?!

The new Nokia 5630 might be perfect, except it is S60. Booooo! They need a major overhaul on the S60 platform if they want to compete with Android and iPhoneUpgrade from 6126 - I need ideas! Mag-glass_10x10 (this is only my opinion ... I don't want an S40/S60/Android/iPhone war going on in here!)

Does anyone have any ideas for me? I'm willing to go with another brand, but I've tried many others, but I've always come back to Nokia for the mixture of ease of use, style, and UI speed.

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Upgrade from 6126 - I need ideas!
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