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 close to purchasing a 5800 NAM, but have some concerns

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close to purchasing a 5800 NAM, but have some concerns Empty
PostSubject: close to purchasing a 5800 NAM, but have some concerns   close to purchasing a 5800 NAM, but have some concerns I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 19, 2009 10:36 am

Hey guys, I've had my eye set on a 5800 for a few weeks now, I'm close to pulling the trigger on it, but have a few lingering concerns:

The most important thing to me is the browser and connectivity options -- I expect to be using this phone for web browsing more than anything else, so the functionality, usability, and performance of the browser is paramount. However, from what i've read of the 5800, the web browsing experience ranges from "tolerable" to "above average"; not exactly confidence inspiring. Since I have not had a chance to try out the browser on the phone in person, I'm a bit worried about this aspect.

I have had a chance to play with the nokiaclose to purchasing a 5800 NAM, but have some concerns Mag-glass_10x10 N96 browser, and I find that one to be fairly good, so I was wondering how does the 5800 compare to it?

Second I would like this phone to remain permanently connected to AIM, MSN messenger, and facebook. Is this possible with the phone's default software, or will have to rely on 3rd party apps? and If so, are there any that would allow me to connect to all 3 (or at a minimum, AIM and MSN)? or will I have to use seperate apps for each service? And how well do they integrate with the phone's UI? will i get notifications of messages received if I have that running in the background?

Third, Chinese language support and input is a HUGE plus for me. as far as I know the NAM version doesn't have chinese as a language option. Is it possible to add that support in? and what kind of input options are avaliable? (wubi + pinyin + handwriting support would be fantastic)

Fourth, I haven't been able to find many comparable phones, before I finalize my decision, are there any phones (new or old or upcoming) that may suit my needs better than the 5800 for about the same price (~$300 USD)?

Finally, are there any retailers you guys would suggest I buy this phone from? I was originally planning on purchasing off dell for $233, but then noticed they had a 6 week wait.

Thanks a lot
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close to purchasing a 5800 NAM, but have some concerns
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