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 Nokia N97 - A real flagship device?

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Nokia N97 - A real flagship device? Empty
PostSubject: Nokia N97 - A real flagship device?   Nokia N97 - A real flagship device? I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 19, 2009 10:35 am

So, I have had my N97 for a little over two months now.

I love the way the phone looks.
Sometimes, I love the way it performs.

But, most of the time I find myself embarassed that I paid so much money for this phone.

First off - The apps that you can have on it, are pathetic.
No, I do not need a farting machine like the iphoneNokia N97 - A real flagship device? Mag-glass_10x10 users.
But, I would love to see a decent game, or even a good app to use.
I would love for my facebook app to stop crashing.

You would think 'Flagship device' means that they're going to be putting everything they can behind this device.
However, I feel that this is not happening.

The apps I can find for the phone are mostly 3rd party apps that look like they were made in the 90's.

Apps aren't my only complaint.

You would think for a flagship device, there would be a MUCH better user experience.
It's difficult to find a really nice theme, it's difficult to navigate through some of the menus.

It's difficult to have to keep connecting to my wifi.

Now, these are all minor concerns, that could be solved with a GOOD firmware update, and some more money put into the Ovi Store.

Now, my number 1 complaint;

It's a bloody cell phoneNokia N97 - A real flagship device? Mag-glass_10x10, I should easily be able to make a call!
I cannot explain just how many times I try to make a call and the phone comes back saying "Connection error" or "Service unavailable" when I am in full service areas.
Also, My past two phones have been an iphone, and a blackberry boldNokia N97 - A real flagship device? Mag-glass_10x10.
The Bold had AMAZING reception, the iphones reception was medium.
But the N97s reception is terrible!
For example;
Bold; 3 bars in my basement.
Iphone 1-2 bars.

This phone has really frustrated me a lot in the past two months.
But, it has also shown peaks of light as if there's some sort of hope with it.

I would simply switch it to another cell phone - if only there was a decent one to switch to!
Seems to me like there isn't any good phones on the market anymore.
I'm sure as hell NOT getting another Iphone.
Blackberrys are no good for what I want to use them for.
HTC's only good phone is the Hero which doesn't support 3G in North America.
I'm thinking how much of a downgrade a HTC Dream really is... any ideas?

The only phone I'm really looking forward to is the Sony Ericsson X3!
But, that's 4-6months away.

This smartphone market has really gone topsy turvy.
I haven't seen any 'sex appeal' on a cell phone for a while (minus the N97 and 1 or 2 others)
The features have been slacking.

I would say thank you for listening to my rant, however - if you're a proud owner of a N97 - you may feel the same way I do from time to time.
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Nokia N97 - A real flagship device?
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