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 Sony Ericsson P5 and G702 (Beibei) are cancelled, for real

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PostSubject: Sony Ericsson P5 and G702 (Beibei) are cancelled, for real   Sat Sep 19, 2009 9:53 pm

i didn't know much aboout the G702, but the P5 i'm glad to say good residence! i might have liked it if it had a proper numeric keypad.

SE UIQ is in my opinion a failure, it failed miserably to capture the masses like Nokia S60 did, SE should just phone on their regular phone and enhance their feature in terms outstanding cameras, VGA/30fps video at least(talks are Nokia i working on HD 720P on video recording on their future handsets), also WiFi on SE would great(like the C905...not that's a step in the right direction), GPS(same as C905), VGA resolution screens or wide screen Bravia screens like the SE's in japan.

EDIT: now that i'm looking at a picture of the G702 direction pad...all i can say is LOL!!! that thing would sink faster than the titanic! lol

EDIT: i did a search and i cannot find any topic about this cancellation news, if there is one and i didn't see it, mods/admins please merge the this post in the first thread(if there is one)

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Sony Ericsson P5 and G702 (Beibei) are cancelled, for real
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