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 My personal overview of the N series phones I have owned

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PostSubject: My personal overview of the N series phones I have owned   Sat Sep 19, 2009 2:28 pm

As some may know I have owned quite a few N series handsets.

The bad

N73 - Ergonomic mess, annoyingly slow, awful joystick, I could go on. The only good thing about it was the camera.

N96- The worst N series handset I have ever owned, rubbish grainy screen, annoyingly slow, poor camera, ergonomics poor, build quality was OK but it always seemed too plasticky for my liking.

N93 - Too heavy & too faulty, good camera/video & keypad. It only goes under the bad because of the technical faults with it & it's hefty weight.

The Good

N70 - Still a favourite years after I sold it off, surprisingly good camera for the time, good screen, good ergonomics & was actually fairy speedy for the time.

N80 - Great design & screen. Good build quality & fairly reasonable camera after updates, same with it's speed after updates.

N95 - Revolutionary, great in a lot of ways let down a bit by the shonky build quality on mine.

N95 8Gb One of the two best handsets I have ever owned. Excellent all rounder has kept going in-spite of being at deaths door for a while now.

I haven't included the N86 as I didn't own it long enough to form a view either way.
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My personal overview of the N series phones I have owned
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