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 nokia S60, freeware!!

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PostSubject: nokia S60, freeware!!   nokia S60, freeware!! I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 19, 2009 2:05 pm

Hi there,

Since a lot of MR forumers use symbian S60 phones, let's make a thread where all of us can get free apps/games/tones/wallpapers/themes/utilities, etc...
I'll start off... I didn't find/make these all by myself though, ... they're a compilation, from posts made here and in other forums, and from websites. Full credit goes to the persons who made them and found them. I have just sorted them and listed them here, do feel free to add more.

A very useful program to manage all the files/folders on ur phone. A must have.

Agile Messenger
Connect to Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, AIM messengers via ur cell phone.

To track your local towers.


Frozen Bubble. A nice puzzle game.

Xedious. Clone for the classic coin-op arcade game Xevious.

fMSX. MSX emulator for Series 60. MSX is an 8-bit home computer that first saw light in 1983. With this emulator you can play hundreds of games available in the web for the MSX platform.

Frodo.Frodo is a freeware, open source Commodore 64 emulator.

MIDP Man. A very addictive Pac Man clone.

Tetron. Tetris clone

Lines. A puzzle game.

Taptatop. A nice game.

Bemused is a system which allows you to control your music collection from your phone, using Bluetooth.

Contacts Transfer
Copy the entire contents of the contacts database includig thumbnail images and caller groups from one phone to another via bluetooth, infra-red or a memory card.

ReadM is a highly configurable reader for electronic books.

It continusly takes photos and detects if there is any motion.

A Weather tracking program for Series 60 devices.

Egg clock
'Egg Clock' is a simple and easy to use egg timer for Series 60 phones

S60Bible is a bible reader for devices (mobile phones) that uses Symbian OS Series 60

OggPlay is an Ogg vorbis audio player for smartphones.Ogg Vorbis is an audio compression format similar to mp3. However the compressed files are approximately a factor two smaller than mp3 files.

Bemused (control via Bluetooth various PC programs ,Winamp , Windows Media Player and Powerpoint)

Avalanche+ (Clone based on the original puzzle game Puyo Puyo and Kirbys Avalanche)

EMame (Mame Emulator)

Picodrive (Genesis Emulator)

AutoLock (Automatic key lock)

JabpLite (Personal finance)

Torch, Nameswap, Forward

Various Freeware/Shareware aps, The site is not in English,20

Keylock (automatic keypad lock) and a few more aps and games

More Games

ll About Symbian's Free Series 60 Software Page
A great range of free software can be found at AAS's website. My pick from it would be the Gameboy Colour emulator, PuTTY and Bemused (a program from controlling WinAmp/Powerpoint from your phone via bluetooth!).

All About Symbian's Free UIQ Software Page
As the above, but for UIQ!

Series 60/UIQ Freeware
A large and extensive guide for freeware on both UIQ (SE P800/P900/Motorola A925) and Series 60 (most Nokias, Siemens, Sendo, etc).

Series 80 Freeware
As above, but this time focusing on the software for the Nokia Communicator (9210/9500/9300) range of Symbian phones.
An open source depot for Symbian software. Most of the software can be found at AAS, but there are a few extra pieces here.

NewLC's Open Source Competition
NewLC (a website aimed at SymbianOS developers) are currently running a competition for open source software written for SymbianOS. The 11 finalists can be found at this location, including links to where you can download the software for free.

Nokia 3650 Software Page
A range of games ranging from boring to vexing. Originally for the Nokia 3650, they should work without problem on any Series 60 smartphone.
Lots of crappy Java applications but at least they're free.

Nokia Multimedia convertor
This is a handy little program for converting WAVs/MP3s to truetones. This is from Nokia's Developer Forum so you need to register before downloading the software. There are probably some other good programs in the developer forum too though.,,034-63,00.html

Control Freak
Like Bemused, this piece of freeware can be used to control WinAmp on your PC via bluetooth. There's also a paid-for Pro version with additional features.

more apps!

free wallpapers:

free apps:

free mobile videos:

free themes:

updated fexplorer:

theme studio 3

ringtones (wav's)

symbian themes main site:

more wallpapers: (small enough for mms sending too).

free ringtones:

free themes: (3rd ed)

misc free downloads: (freeware),10

make your own themes!


free N80 and E61 software:

free christmas videos:

nokia software update site:

tones and games:

3rd edition themes:

Mobile Weather:


MobiPocket Reader

S-Tris (tetris clone, for 2nd and 3rd ed)

GPS, Mapping and Navigation (tested on E50)

Business tones (midi)

Task Manager (all editions)

QReader (tested on N80)


PunkWigs, Snakes (from nokia)

MSI Blueplayer (gives you A2DP bluetooth)

Opera Mini

Google Maps Mobile

Symtorrent (bittorrent for symbian phones).

DiVX for mobile (all ed)

Mobile Rar

Golf Pro (from nokia)

OliveTree (bible reader)

CIA World Factbook

Wattpad (mobile ebook reader)

OGGPlay for symbian (all ed)

Mobile Personal Trainer (2nd and 3rd ed)

Nokia Music Mixer (not really an app... but it's cute and useful too)

Hangover Remedy (all ed).

SlotMachine (Zero36)

Black Nice Clock 2.0

SMS Diary (for 3rd ed).

Windows Live Messenger (2nd and 3rd ed)

N70 Music Edition theme.

Pearl Black Fire Edition theme (N and E series)

Pearl Black (N and E series)

Nibbles (all ed)

Zero36 BlackJack N71,N73,E50

Zero36 Fantastic 7s N71,N73,E50

cCalc (scientific calculator, 2nd and 3rd ed)


Elephant knocking down a tree video (fun to watch)

Bantumi for 3rd edition

DOGS (for 3rd ed)

Sherlock Holmes (3rd ed)

ScreenSnap (3rd ed)

Zelda Mobile (all ed)

Sudocontest (3rd ed)

X-sound mp3 player (3rd ed)

15 Language Phrase Book (all ed)

S-amp Player for N80


more apps and games:

misc free downloads:

free ebook reader:

Nokia WiFi Park suite:

Doom game for series 60:

OGG player: (all editions)

S60 SpotOn: (a freeware app to keep your backlight on. Nifty for viewing screensavers.)

Mobile weather: (a weather forecast client for S60 Smartphones that shows the current weather situation of hundreds of cities anywhere all around the world.)

MicroSky: (a planetarium for mobile/cell devices)

Mobile diary:

Free E60 and E61 themes:

TOP 10 symbian freeware:

good selection of freeware:

birthday manager:

day-to-day calendar:

clock screensaver:

S-tris (qvga version):

webster's dictionary:

safe text:


mobile GMaps:

screenshot 2:

hangover remedy:

mobile personal trainer:

lots of 3rd edition themes:

Nokia E-Series PC Suite:

Nokia N-series PC Suite:,nseriessuite

Nokia PC Suite: (all phones)

Opera Mini:

new FREE Nseries DJ Mixer app from nokia.

more ringtones:



BlueFTP medieval file transfer


we: offset

Vopium - Nokia

Switch Off

Bluedy Timer


Nokia Mobile Dictionary

Total Patrol

Slide Helper

more free downloads:,10


old s60 themes

T9 Nav mobile search

Enhanced Calculator


Sic! Watch

Jbak Taskman



Tennis Open Lite

Fake Messages

Nihon GO

SMS Zipper


Media Studio (trialware, but working).

System Explorer

N80 SMS accelerator (if your N80 is slow in sending text)

more downloads: (russian site)

free games and ringtones

Oxygen phone manager for symbian


mms pictures

business card reader

X-plore (file manager)

Dr.Jukka's site:


Flash wallpaper (fat catz)

S-tris (qvga version)

Qibla Compass

Cocombo (fax, email software)


Skype Beta

DEdit Text editor

Clock Screensaver

Large clock screensaver

Berggi Picture to Email



WorldMate (free and pro versions)

Sport Tracker from Nokia

Mobile G-Maps

Battery Voice


Smart FileMan


Magic Level (needs accelerometer, n95/n82/n81,etc)

Nokia Chat



Profile Scheduler

LightNotepad v1.58


Mail for Exchange

cClock v1.21

Google Search from Nokia

Global Pictures and Information Archive


MyStrands Social Player



Mobile Weather for S60 Third Edition Smartphones

CalDelete (a tool for deleting all your calendar entries)

World Time and Temperature



Nokia In-device Search

Barbelo (wifi app)

Al Kharafa




Greedy Penguins

Free Simple Calculator

Zero36 Video Poker N71,N73,N76,N93,N95,E50,E65

Zero36 BlackJack N71,N73,N76,N93,N95,E50

Zero36 Scratchcard N71,N73,N76,N93,N95,E50,E65

Upvise RSS News Reader

Upvise Wikipedia

Bloove Agent for S60 3rd ed

FREE Weight and Measures Quick Study Guide - the full version is absolutely free

World Traveller v1.05



cCalc Pro

Biskero RSS reader





spodtronic 3.0 radio and podcast player for Symbian S60 3rd Edition

Al-Morafiq Basic - English to Arabic Dictionary for Symbian

Birthday Manager (Beta)


Free Mini Sky map 3rd

FREE Benjamin Franklin

RVD - RealVista Desktop

Photo Block Slider




ExtGPS (to tether a laptop to your gps phone)

Kuma Challenge

BTswitch v1.00 (one button bt on/off)

SmartGET V2.02

Free Pocket Ruler


WorldMate for UIQ - Free



Slide Hangup v1.0 for Nokia N95

SmartClock v1.0 (At talking clock that can read out the current time without ever requiring a keypress,

using your S60 3rd Edition phone's built-in text to speech-engine, 6120c/E65/5320, etc...)

mp3 editor

rotateMe v2.0

JoikuSpot Light Beta
JoikuSpot Light Beta 1.1
JoikuSpot Light Beta 1.2

OpenDictionary v1.0

Paper Airplane

"I dream in colors" theme


The Journey (S60 3rd Edition)



Julin Adventures S60 3rd

Free Mini Sky map 3rd


ListSMS v1.10

Mobispine (RSS reader)

FlipSilent v1.03


more apps and games:

java games:

MSN, Yahoo and Email with IMHere



Truphone - mobile VoIP




Mobiola Video Converter and remote file manager

fring for Symbian


Best Screen Snap for s60 3rd edition


N-series apps:

Message Mirror Lite

2 things to do with Prawns and Chorizo

Cell Chef Cooking with Kids

Upvise Contacts

Foam (GPS tracker)

Simple Calc V2

Slick (IM app)

240 x 320 screensavers/mms pics:

Free VOIP Application

GMAIL / GMAPS / Google Mobile Applications

Windows Live Messenger
( Download both the Files from Link Below )

AmazeGPS (Free java based GPS navigation. Includes voice.)

Mundu Radio

Share Online 3.0 from nokia

Shoutcast Player for S60


Lightsaber app

Inclinometer for N95


CpuMonitor v1.10

mobile video streaming

space invaders



Pulsepaper (change wallpapers automatically)

level tool



location tagger

youtube for mobile


Picassa Mobile


Symmy Suite free voice call via 3G/Gprs/Wifi


Typepad s60
here's a few tips and tricks for the N95... but some work of these work on almost all the N-series too.

*If you dont long-press the menu key - another way to see if you have apps running in the background is to view the menu in icon mode. Usually there's a small "C" on the upper right of each icon, or on the folder where it's located, indicating that an app is currently running there. This is very useful coz it enables you to gain more memory.

* Ever had a time when you forgot to lock your keys after closing the slider? The n95 lets you input a specific time when you want the keys locked. Just to menu/tools/setting/general/security/phone and sim/.... then choose user-defined in the 'phone autolock period', then just put in how many minutes you want.

*Unlike the 6280 and E65, the N95 does not hang up the call when you close the slide. So after the dialing the number you're calling - you can close the slide and have a more compact phone to hold.

*Increase your RAM by deleting the "Welcome" application in your phone. Delete also other apps that you're not using - like the 'Search" app.

*(from hofo) Want to "hide" some pictures so that it doesn't show up in your Gallery? You can move the photos to another folder in your phone. Like the "my videos" folder. These photos can still be seen and viewed by a 3rd party photo viewer or a file manager - but at least, now when you open the gallery - they wont show up.

*If you have a lot of videos (mp4, 3gp, etc) on your phone, it's always better to arrange them in subfolders. Dont keep more than 130 clips in one folder, if over that, just make another subfolder then put another 130 clips there, and so on and on. If having more than 130 clips - it slows down the phone to unbearable speeds when previewing them in the gallery.

*Once every few weeks, especially if you add and delete photos in your gallery, you should delete the "_pAlbtn" subfolder in your "Images" folder. (Use a file xplorer to view and delete this, or use your PC). This would refresh the entire gallery - and would ensure that your thumbnails are updated. If you delete this folder and dont view the images - it will temporarily give you more space in your memory card. (you can delete it using a file manager app - like ActiveFile or Y-Browser or Xplore)

*Set your call LOG to 10 days or less - this will help in speeding up your phone.

*When connected to a TV or Widescreen monitor, and you're viewing smartmovie movies, try this out. Instead of sliding the slider to make it horizontal, a better way is to set smartmovie to 'portrait' mode. It shows up as landscape on the TV - and there's definitely less pixelation on the picture. (than when sliding the slider to horizontal and 'forcing' the phone to compensate.)

*(from friedblogs) Make your Ringtone horrendously loud by turning ON the 3D Ringtone.

*Unless you have a good reason not to, just change your network to "GSM" only... to conserve battery. This will stop the phone from always searching for a 3G signal.

*Also turn the WLAN search to off when you're not using it. This conserves battery as well.

*(from friedblogs) Using GPS, click on options/view/satellite info, then after you got a good satellite status say 3 to 5 you can then click back and it will make your connection faster.

*Oh... just in case you dont know it yet, you can hold down the pound key (#) when in the standby menu, to activate the 'silent mode' in your phone.

*Don’t use the red ("hangup") key to exit an application. In many apps, this just keeps it in the background, eating up memory and slowing down your phone.

*You can change the shortcuts on the home screen to the apps you use most frequently by going to Settings/General/Personalisation/Standby Mode/Shortcuts.

*To save battery too... if you're not using WiFi, try to turn off "wifi scanning'.

*Ever have a problem when installing themes.... and the dreaded "expired certificate" error message pops up? This is mainly due to the fact the licensed signed certificate that nokia gave for the thememaker has a 1 year validity period - if you're just installing this old theme, and its more than a year old, you'll get that message. Simple solution is to go to the calendar of your 95, set the date back one year, or maybe 8 months - then install the theme you wanted. Restart the phone, then set the correct time again, and you're done.

*Ever think of turning your n95 into a webcam? Check out this link:

*Pimp your n95 with lots of apps!

*The ultimate loose/wobbly slider fix: (for those unfortunate to have a wobbly slider).

*Do you want to watch full DVD movies on your 95? Check out this link... it tells of HOW to convert dvd movies and play them on your N95.

*Do you have themes that are installed on your phone but doesn't show up in the App Manager menu? Here's a guide to explain how to remove them safely.

*On the other hand, as opposed to the previous tip, if you want to install themes that have been removed from the phone - here's a guide to doing that too:

*Do you want to have a zoom browser without using the default 95's browser? One of the things that some are complaining about the default browser is that the pages (and the default zoom) show up as very big pages. You have to adjust the zoom levels or go to the page overview to find out where you exactly you are in the page being viewed. Opera Mini 4 Beta solves this in a simple and ingenious way.

*For those wanting to really take the N95's camera to its full potential and is serious enough with photography - check out this neat little nokia tripod.

*How to turn your n95 into a mobile web server.

*Have some spare time on your hands, browsing the net with your 95, and is looking for good wap sites to visit? Check out this site, which provides reviews on the best of what's out there in wapping.

Free Java games: (240 x 320)

The OC

The Sims 2 - Pets

Age of Empires 2 - Deluxe Edition

Mafia Wars 2 - Scarlottis

Mafia Wars 3 - Yakuza

Swords of Fury

Snakes On A Plane

Asphalt Urban GT 3 - Street Rules

Asphalt Urban GT - 3D

Bruce Lee - Iron Fist

Deal or No Deal

Desperate Housewives

Destroy All Humans 2

Destroy All Humans!

Dragon Island

Fatal Fury

Fifa 2007

Fifa Street 2

Gangstar - Crime City

Hitman L.A.

Kamikaze 2 - Samurai

King Kong

LEGO StarWars 2

LMA Manager 2007



Metal Slug - Mobile Impact

Miami Nights

Miami Vice

Midnight Pool

Midnight Pool - Christmas Edition

Monopoly Tycoon 2007

Moto-X 2

NA Motocross

Need for Speed - Carbon

Nightclub Empire

Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 - Dead Mans Chest

Prince of Persia - The Two Thrones

Quest For Alliance 2

Rayman - Raving Rabbids

Real Football 2007


Sonic the Hedgehog - Part 1

Sonic the Hedgehog - Part 2

Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory

Splinter Cell - Double Agent


Streetfighter 2

Tetris Mania

The Fast And Furious - Tokyo Drift

Total Overdose

True Crime 2




More Java games:




Lemmings Return

Midtown Madness 3

Might & Magic

Ms. Pac-Man

Glumobile Super Monkey Ball 7462994

1172898467_fw2evi.jar 7462996

Fantasy Warriors 2 7462997

Transformers 7462999

secluborg_wpt2_240x320.jar 7463000

FStrategy 7463001

nenjak800.jar 7463003

South Park10 7463007

Dogs 7463008

Kamasutra Guru 7463010

Saint Stone Knights 7463011

Supermonkey 2 7463012

Ali Boxing 3d 7463014

Devil May Cry 3D 7463016

Nolimit Casino 7463017

My little Dogs 3D 7463018

3D Gravity 7463020

anno_1701_176_rus.jar 7463021

A Catz Life 7463028

Scottdixon 7463029

Manager Pro Football 7463033

Fort Apocalypse 7463034

Snoozleberg 7463036

Paper Airplanes 7463038

Dare 7463042

Toxic Cow 7463047

Hancock 7463049

Matchpoint Tennis 7463054

Riot Squad 7463056

Jet Pack Jack 7463059

Bikini Jump 7463061

My Happy Planet 7463064

Street Sports Club 7463066

Full Frontal 7463067

Carrot Mania 7463070

Bob Sponge Bikini 7463071

My Pet Store 7463073

Wanted.jar 7463074

20 Q Mind Reader 7463077

Alien Shooter 3D 7463078

American Racing 7463080

Bikini Pool battle 7463082

Bloxed Mania 7463083

BomBReloaded 7463085

Boom Blox 7463087

Brain Challenge 7463089

Brain Challenge 2.jar 7463093

Brain Tester 7463097

Cali Sexy Poker 7463099

Chess! 7463101

Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium_wars 7463104

Crazy Window Cleaners 7463106

Fifa Manager 7463108

Edgar Cave of secrets 7463111

Elite Warrior 7463112

Eon the Dragon3 7463114

Flyboys 7463117

Flying Stick Fight 7463119

Gameleons 3Style Snowboarding 7463125

glutheclub 7463128

God Of War Betrayal 7463132

HandsOnMobile The Incredible Hulk 7463134

Indiana Jones 7463136

Jenga 7463140

Krystaloids 7463141

Mini Golf 99 7463143

Monopoly here_and_now 7463145

Nip Tuck 7463150

Outland 3D 7463153

Pokemon War 7463157

Prehistoric Tribes 7463161

Race Driver Grid 7463162

Roulette 7463165

Secret 7463166

Solidweapon 3D 7463168

SonyOnlineEntertainment - Wheel Of Fortune Delux 7463169

Star Defence_k790.jar 7463171

Streetfighter2theworldwarrior 7463176

Subaru Rally Challenge 7463178

Super Breakout 7463179

Superslam PingPong 7463181

The oregon_trail 7463183

The simpsons 7463186

The Sims 7463189

TheSimsPool 3D 7463192

Tower Bloxx 3D Deluxe 7463195

TowerWars 7463197

Trick Shot Hustler_240x320.jar 7463200

Woody woodpecker in waterfools 7463203

Worms 2008 7463207

Xforce 7463208

Group Creator v0.97

Light Control


Nokia Energy Profiler

Nokia Activity Monitor


Snowed In 6 - Deep Freeze


Earth Clock





SmartGET V2.02

Location Tagger


mp3 editor

OpenDictionary v1.0

ListSMS v1.10


TTSMS Reader


FlipSilent v1.03

HourPower S60 3.x


XRick v0.10

Kamasutra v2.0 flash Description


Salad Nicoise

Message Mirror Lite (find any deleted message, backup all messages, or keep messages secret.)

ToggleBT v1.02

ToDo Manager v0.7


Guitar Chord Finder 1.02

LifeGuide v1.1

Accelerinvaders for N95


S60 Internet Radio

Dictionary v2.0

Nokia Album

Nokia Podcasting Application

Chords v1.1

Frozen Bubble

FIVN Player

LightSaber for Nokia N95



Wellness Diary v1.1

Simple Calc V2

MovingBall for Nokia N95

i-nigma barcode reader v1.26


Y-Inclinometer for Nokia N95

Kayawa barcode reader

QuickMark v3.3 barcode reader

Nokia Multimedia Transfer v1.2 for Mac

Nokia Search v4.0

Free Simple Calculator

Zero36 Fantastic 7s N71,N73,N76,N93,N95,E50,E65

Zero36 MajorMillions N71,N73,N76,N95,N93,E50,E65

Zero36 Fruit Fiesta N71,N73,N76,N93,N95,E50,E65

Zero36 Scratchcard N71,N73,N76,N93,N95,E50,E65

Zero36 BlackJack N71,N73,N76,N93,N95,E50

Zero36 TreasureNile N71,N73,N76,N93,N95,E50,E65

Wallpaper Manager v1.01

Best Screen Snap for s60 3rd edition

Best Torch

TrueExplorer v0.24

Mobile Web Server


Simple block

Photo Block Slider


SMS Export v2


DivX Mobile Player v0.89

AutoLock v1.1


Conversation v1.0

Sports Tracker v1.78

Mr. Lock v1.0


Earth Clock


TrueExplorer v0.24

Best Torch
Compatible devices: Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500 Sport, Nokia 6110 Navigator, Nokia 6290, Nokia E50, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E61i, Nokia E62, Nokia E65, Nokia E70, Nokia E90, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N75, Nokia N76, Nokia N77, Nokia N80, Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia N93, Nokia N93i, Nokia N95

Gmail app


Nseries DJ mixer

EasyCall for Symbian S60

EasyCall for Symbian S60v2

TimeBar v1.3

UniMessaging Lite 1.00 (S60 3rd)

Handylearn Counter


PalmStorm - Plumber Pete for Symbian



Weight and Measures Quick Study Guide

locr GPS Photo

MobileMind Alpha




all java apps/games:

good site for free stuff! (by nokia)

3rd edition (qvga) themes:
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nokia S60, freeware!!
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